A unique local experience. 2018 season runs May to November.

Expert guides, personalized and local content, thought-provoking material.


Choose from our packages below. We offer one large monthly tour for each of our walks, as well as small private tours upon request. We also customize for many occasions (conferences, school trips, professional retreats), so do get in touch if you have something special in mind.


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Scheduled tours

This is your chance to experience one of our tours at an excellent price.


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Private tours

Get your friends and family together, this is one journey through Ottawa you'll remember.


offered once a year, honouring jane jacobs

Jane's tours

We are thrilled to offer some of our walks as part of the annual Ottawa Jane's Walk happening each spring. See 2018's offerings by checking out the schedule.

Why Ottawa (de)tours?

There really isn't anything like our company around Canada. For the past 5 years, we've tirelessly crafted and perfected a model that is as thoughtful as it is fun. Our experts lead you on a thematic tour of Ottawa that goes off the beaten path, exploring areas like immigration and citizenship, public space, surveillance, architecture, or the social lives of statues, among others.

"Public" space: are you sure you belong?

They are often tucked away underground and on rooftops, behind unmarked doors or hidden in plain sight. Join us as we explore a range of ‘pseudo-public spaces’ and experience how they can make us feel welcome or uncomfortable.

Food waste: how do you tr(eat) your food?

Just us as we root through the complicated attitudes, perceptions, and actions making up our food waste ecosystem.

What's (not) so brutal about brutalism?

For the love of concrete - the often unappreciated legacy of the grand and heroic buildings, landscapes, and urban plans that transformed post-war Ottawa.

Citizenship: right, privilege, curse?

Who gets to be a citizen? Come discover the contentious and often negotiated history of Canadian citizenship.

Monthly dates don't work for you, or want a more intimate walking tour experience?

Can city and farm coexist?

Explore scientific agriculture at the Central Experimental Farm and see the intricate relationship with Ottawa and Canada.

Are statues stuck in time?

Join us as we explore how Canadian confederation (and colonialism) have shaped Ottawa's built environment.

Do you feel watched?

What does surveillance mean to you? Does it evoke Snowden, closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, or google and facebook listening in on your conversations?

Elgin Street - Ottawa's Champs-Élysées?

Join us as we explore how nationalist narratives get created and are mixed with memory, nostalgia, and love of country.

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"What a lovely tour - I have been living here for 20 years and didn't stop to appreciate the mixed architecture found within this lovely city. I have to say I will never look at Ottawa in the same way - which is a good thing. Definitely recommend this to anyone. Certainly not a typical tour that can be appreciated by visitors and permanent residents alike."
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