Frequently Asked Questions

Who should come on a (de)tour?

Everyone! Our tours are conducted at a comfortable pace along the streets of downtown (and vicinity!) Ottawa.

How do I book my (de)tour?

Through our secure Checkfront booking reservation system, found by clicking this link: www.ottawadetours.ca/checkfront. You can pay through Paypal, or through the major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, etc.). Please note that Ottawa (de)tours is a seasonal business operating mid-April to end of October each year. During the winter months, our reservation system remains inactive.

Do I need to book my tour ahead of time, or can I just show up?

We require anyone interested in taking a tour to book ahead using our booking reservation system. This is for two reasons:
1. We don’t want to have to turn anyone away. Unless you specifically book a group tour (in which case we can plan extra guides), we cannot accommodate more than 8 individuals for our scheduled tours. We’d love to, but we want to ensure an equally engaging and amazing experience for all, which would get a lot more difficult if we have too many people show up unannounced and unplanned for.
2. We don’t want you to show up and not have anyone there. We will only run tours if a minimum of 3 people have signed up 24 hours before a tour is set to run.

I’ve booked my ticket through checkfront; do I need to print the ticket off?

You don’t have to. Simply show up and your tour guide will have had your name given to them in advance.

What gear or clothing do I need to bring?

Comfortable walking shoes are always good to have. Be sure to check the weather forecast (we will also send you this in your confirmation email), and plan accordingly, as all tours are mostly outside. Sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses are especially useful during our summer months. Our tours will run rain or shine, unless the weather is too extreme. In case of light rain, bring a raincoat, poncho, or umbrella if the forecast suggests it.

How much do (de)tours experiences cost?

Tickets start at $20 (students); regular tickets cost $25 per person.

Will there be food provided?

We do not provide food ourselves. Some of our tours have a facilitated discussion component, which usually takes place in a restaurant or eatery. What you order there is at your discretion.

Can I bring a snack?

Absolutely. Depending on some of our start times, we encourage you to bring snacks, as walking around the city will increase your appetite!

Will there be bathroom breaks?

Yes. All of our tours have a designated bathroom break about halfway through each tour.

Canadian cities usually have unpredictable weather. Will my already booked tour be cancelled if it rains?

All (de)tours will take place as scheduled. We however reserve the right to reschedule or cancel tours in the event of extreme conditions, at our own discretion. Cancellation will be avoided whenever possible, however should a tour be rescheduled or cancelled, we will notify all guests via email and/or text message (SMS) at the earliest possible moment. When we cancel a tour, we will absolutely refund your purchase in full.

Unfortunately, I need to cancel a booking. What is your policy?

In the unfortunate event that you can not attend your booked tour, we ask that guests who have already paid in full notify us via email no less than 48 hrs prior to the start of the tour. Cancellations received 48 or more hours from the start of the tour will be refunded in full. Those received within 48 hours will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee.

I represent a university/conference/institution; is Ottawa (de)tours able to accommodate larger bookings?

Absolutely, we would love the opportunity to interact with your group. Let us know what you have in mind at dan@ottawadetours.ca

Where do you run your walking seminars?

Our walking seminars take place in downtown Ottawa, Canada (and vicinity!).

Can I order a private tour?

Private seminars can be developed according to your interests and organized around your schedule. Private seminars are ideally suited to groups of four or more with children who are 10+ years of age, or to those who are seeking a more customized experience.

What is the difference between a private and a group tour?

In contrast to the private tours, described in the answer above, group tours are shared experiences, in which a group of up to eight people come together on a pre-scheduled walk. You will find a calendar of these group walks on our website, through our reservation system.

Who leads your walking tours?

Our guides are specialists in their fields, or are trained facilitators passionate about the subject matter.

How did you determine these tour topics?

We’ve searched far and wide in Ottawa – we wanted to find topics that are current, complex, and meaningful to people with a broad range of perspectives and interests.

I’ve signed up for a walking tour on your website. What now?

Upon signing up, you will immediately receive an e-mail receipt of your payment. However, a tour is only confirmed to run once at least three individuals have signed up. Once this happens and a tour is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. This will include the meeting point and tour logistics, advice on what to wear, and the weather forecast for that day. If we are unable to provide the tour that you requested, or if your request is taking longer to fill than planned, please let us know at info@ottawadetours.ca, and we will try to accommodate you to the best of our ability.

Why do you want to know my age, level of education, and my profession?

In order to personalize your walk, we would like to know more about your background. We pass this information onto our guide and this way they can tailor the experience every time. This information is of course optional, and we do not sell, share or give away your information to anyone. It is also stored on secure, Canada-based servers.

How do you secure my payment information?

We use a third party service provider entitled Checkfront. Checkfront is a Vancouver-based business that uses some of the most advanced technology for Internet security available today. For more information about security, see http://www.checkfront.com/security

Can I pay for my walking seminar purchase when I arrive?

In some cases, yes, if you bring cash. However, we do prefer payment in advance through our website’s Checkfront terminal. You can also place an order over the phone, by calling us at: (1) 613 899 1867.

How big are your group walks?

Our group walks are limited to 8 people. We have found it difficult to create the conversational atmosphere that is key to our activities with groups that are any larger. Our private walks, however, are limited to 6.

Do the walking tours require a minimum number of individuals in order to be confirmed?

Yes. Our walking tours require at least three (3) participants to run.

Why are your prices in Canadian dollars?

We are a Canadian company. Our credit card processor is located in Canada. All of our transactions are in Canadian dollars.

Do you offer gift certificates?

By all means! Call us at (1) 613 899 1867.