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seminar title Do you believe in money?

In this tour, we examine the dependency of our financial system upon faith and ask whether
that faith is justified. We look at the creation of money, the systems that protect our monetary
transactions and try to understand how they work. We examine the connections between debt,
the creation of money, inflation and economic growth.
We will consider how making money from money has been viewed historically, as usury in
Judeo-Christian society and riba in Islamic society. In contemporary Canadian society, the
creation of money and our economic system depend for existence upon debt and interest upon
that debt. We examine how the Canadian approach to money plays out in individual lives –
from Canadians’ relationship with banks as well as other financial institutions, such as Payday
Loans companies. Throughout we will consider whether the structure, and the roles, rewards
and penalties of the participants are justified.
We want to be part of a discussion: is this system the best possible? What do we lose and what
do we gain in a system committed to perpetual growth? Are there ways to improve or support
our system?
The duration of the walking seminar is 90 minutes of walking at a moderate pace, followed
by 60-90 minutes for conversation at a pub. Its length is precisely 1.98km and it is largely
Meeting place: Bridgehead Coffeehouse, 282 Elgin Street at 10:30am
About your tour guide:
Levi Karpa was born in Edmonton, Alberta and lived in British Columbia and various
communities in the American Midwest. This is his third time living in Ottawa, where is he
is currently pursuing his juris doctor at UOttawa. Levi obtained his BA from the University
of British Columbia in Political Science, Philosophy and Economics. In another life, he has
also studied piano and music theory. Levi is committed to social justice and has volunteered
with Pro Bono Students Canada, providing legal advice and information to low income
individuals. He is interested in exploring and discussing how the Canadian economic and
monetary system works and how that plays out in individual lives. 
  • walking seminar guide - Do you believe in money?
  • availability - this (de)tour will not be part of our 2016 season
  • meeting place - Bridgehead Coffeehouse, 282 Elgin Street
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