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seminar title Finding Scientific Landscapes

Why is there a Farm in the middle of Ottawa? Should government support scientific
research? Can science be beautiful? Seeking to answer these questions, this seminar
explores the past, present, and future of scientific agriculture at the Central Experimental
Farm and the Farm’s intricate relationship with both the city and the nation. While
walking through a diverse collection of landscapes and jumping back and forth across
the 129-year history of the Farm, we will discuss the principles, politics, and aesthetics
of experimental agriculture, city planning, and heritage policies.
The tour begins with an example of contemporary conservation biology at the Fletcher
Wildlife Garden before exploring the Dominion Arboretum, Ornamental Gardens, and
the experimental fields themselves. Our last stop is at the Hartwell Locks to compare and
contrast UNESCO and Canadian heritage policies where two scientific heritage landscapes,
the Rideau Canal and the Central Experimental Farm, meet. The conversation continues
across the Canal at Carleton University’s campus pub. Throughout the seminar we will
remain focused on the ways science influences the landscapes we’re moving through as
well as those further a field in the city of Ottawa and across Canada.
 About your tour guide:Pete Anderson is passionate about the place of science
and agriculture in society. He’s been researching Canadian agricultural history
professionally and academically since 2008. After working for various federal
agencies, he returned to school in 2013 to pursue a PhD in geography at Queen’s
University where his research focuses on the historical and cultural geographies
of the Central Experimental Farm. Inspired by John Brinckerhoff Jackson, he
celebrates the ways the pattern of everyday life shapes the world in which we
live, work, and play.
Further details:
Meeting place: Hartwell Locks, Rideau Canal
Ending spot: Hartwell Locks, Rideau Canal, followed by a drink at Mike’s Place, Carleton’s graduate student pub
(details will be provided over email when you book)
Duration: 90 minutes walking component + 60 minutes conversation over refreshments
Total distance covered: about 3.5 km
Terrain: uneven terrain, includes a few hills and walking across grass
Accessibility: not wheelchair accessible.
  • walking seminar guide - Finding Scientific Landscapes
  • availability - every Wednesday, 6:30pm start time
  • meeting place - Hartwell Locks, Rideau Canal
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