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seminar title How to be invisible: surveillance and privacy in the age of the CCTV cam

What does surveillance mean to you? Does it evoke Edward Snowden, closed-circuit television
(CCTV) cameras, or google listening in to your conversations? Who is watching us, and should
 we care?
Introduced through the stories of various people that have come and (mainly) gone through
our newsfeed in recent years – be they artists, journalists, as well as regular and more famous
citizens – we examine surveillance, privacy and monitoring concepts in 21st century Canada.
We start the tour in front of the original “speakers’ corner” in front of CTV’s building in the Byward
Market, thinking about the evolution of what it means to be in the public eye; as we continue our
stroll through the downtown core, we’ll be on the lookout for instruments of surveillance, talk
about tactics of obfuscation, and discuss what it means to be seen, to be invisible, and to be very
closely watched.
Note: We are currently beta-testing this (de)tour. As such, we are running this tour at a
discounted price ($10) in exchange for your stories, perspectives and patience. Join us for this
fascinating conversation and participate in the making of a (de)tour on a very current topic.
About your tour guide: Dan Monafu thoroughly enjoys strolling
through the city thinking about it from one particular lens. Surveillance
and privacy issues have long been of interest to him, and he’s eager to
hear if a public discussion on this will resonate with his fellow Ottawans,
Canadians and visitors to Ottawa alike. Dan is one of Ottawa (de)tours’
co-founders. He has co-developed two other (de)tours – Banking and Mall
Ratting – but has not yet had the pleasure of leading one until now.
Further details:
Meeting place: in front of 87 George Street (CTV studio, Byward Market)
Duration: 1.5 hours
Total distance covered: approx 2.5km
Ease of terrain: flat terrain, some stairs
Accessibility: alternative route available to accommodate wheelchair accessibility, please ask
  • walking seminar guide - How to be invisible: surveillance and privacy in the age of the CCTV cam
  • availability - irregular dates in May-October 2017; see booking system for details
  • meeting place - 87 George Street (CTV studio, Byward Market)
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